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Ref.nummer: 1-C38
Prijs BTW in: P.O.R


No serial number (is correct!) . Cased 4" Octagonal Barrel, Cal. 54 Percussion Kentucky pistol. Marked on top of barrel "LOUISVILLE KY ((KENTUCKY). Lock has maker's name M. DICKSON (Moses). Dickson was a manufacturer of various types of Kentucky pistols fashioned after those made by Henry Deringer. He had his shop in Louisville, KY from 1848 to 1860, and relocated in Liberty Missouri from 1860 to 1868. This pistol is British proofed meaning it was imported into Great-Britain and was probably also cased in the U.K. The gun as the case are in very fine condition. Case contains a bullet mould, powder flask with twin receptables in the base (see Ray Riling #1274 p.414), and an empty "Hicks" percussion caps tin. A very attractive looking pistol in a rare case manufactured in the 1850's.


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