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Ref.nummer: 2-946
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#44XX. Cal.50 RF (56-50). Seven-shot repeater; loaded by magazine tube fitted trough center of buttstock. Standard 20" Barrel. 3 Grooves. Made by the Burnside Rifle Company. Barrel retains 85% of original blue, frame and lever show 75% of colour case. Buttplate with traces of case hardening. Mechanically perfect. Is fitted with a Stabler cut-off. Has a nice inspector cartouche "DAP" on left side of buttstock. A total of 34.502 were manufactured in 1865 of which 30.502 were purchased by the U.S. Government, this carbine was one of them. Delivered in April 1865, 9 Days after the final battle of the Civil War they arrived too late to play a part in that conflict. They where however extensively used during the Indian Wars. Spencers were very popular with Native Americans. Excellent condition! Cartridge shown for information purposes only. 


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