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Ref.nummer: 1-C37
Prijs BTW in: POR


#92XX. Cal.38 Colt. Standard 4-1/2" Barrel with ejector. Retains 85% of original nickel finish. Balance missing on ejector tube and left side front of barrel. Comes with an original English oak case with a drilled cartridge compartment, a grease can, screwdriver and a dealer's label. Barrel has the 2 line Pall Mall address, is English proofed and has a nice "COLT D.A. 38" etched panel. Only about 1.500 were manufactured with a London address! A cased one is difficult to find! Hard rubber grips (were standard for nickel plated revolvers!) in excellent condition. Bore and cylinder as new. Early gun, made in 1878! Notorious gunfighters apparently liked the Model 1877. John Wesley Hardin was carrying a .38 Colt Lightning revolver with a 2 inch barrel the day he was killed, a .41 Colt D.A. was later found in his room. Pat Garret owned an engraved .41 Colt D.A. and William H . Bonney (Billy the Kid) is said to have carried two .41 caliber Colt double action pistols, and to have been in possession of at least one when he died. Gun is in Fine + condition and mechanically perfect.


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