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Ref.nummer: 2-795
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#112XXX. Cal.30 WCF. Standard 26" 1/2 round, 1/2 octagon Barrel. Retains about 95% of its original blue. Hammer and lever with 85% of case hardening, with traces on the buttplate. This is a very fine example of a deluxe version of the Winchester Model 1894 rifle with the rare takedown feature. The accompanying factory letter states the rifle had a 1/2 octagon barrel in 30 caliber, a plain trigger and pistol grip when it was received in the warehouse on August 1, 1901 and shipped the same day. The top barrel flat is marked with the two-line address/patent marking ahead of the rear sight and 30 W.C.F. at the breech. Fitted with a special rear, Lyman combination front and folding peep sight. The Winchester factory oval proof is marked on the barrel and receiver at the breech. Serial number on bottom of receiver. Mounted with a checkered walnut forearm and pistol grip stock. The pistol grip has a hard rubber Winchester cap. The wood is in very fine condition. Mechanically perfect, bore as new! A special gun rarely found with that many extra features plus its excellent condition! A part round part octagon barrel with full magazine is a combination that is highly prized by Winchester Collectors. SHOOTERS OR OFFICIAL COLLECTORS LICENSE REQUIRED (FFL)!!!


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