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Ref.nummer: 2-989
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#91XXX. Cal.40-65 WCF. Standard 26" Octagonal Barrel. Barrel is mostly grey with some spots and light surface pitting, magazine tube has about 30% of the original blue left on the protected area near the barrel. Nice traces of colour case and nickely finish on frame, hammer and lever. Equipped with an Ivory tipped front sight, a two leaf rear sight and a special tang sight, all 3 Lyman marked with pre-1891 patent dates! Also has a pistol grip with inlay. Mechanically excellent with a fine bore that has deep rifling and some surface pitting. Wood is very good with some dents and scratches on buttstock. This gun was well used, but not abused. A total of 159.994 Model 1886's were made. According to Madis, only 1 of each 400 Model 1886's were made with a pistol grip, about 400 !! The rifle was made in 1894. Fine condition. Cartridges shown for information purposes only.


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