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Ref.nummer: PF0009
Prijs BTW in: 675,00


American double-sided, Eagle and Shield with crossed pistols design pocket flask from the mid 1850’s. Commonly found with Colt Baby Dragoon, Wells Fargos and Pocket '49s. This is one of five decorations with minor variations in the design. There is a arced banner at the base, which reads “E. PLURIBUS . UNUM .” Above the eagle are two rows of stars, five on the bottom and four above. Thought to have been produced by Mathewman or the American Flask and Cap Co of Waterbury Connecticut Has the same design of both sides of flask. Brown laquered, has a couple of small dents on the front and one on its side, otherwise excellent. 4 1/2" 11cm. REF. RIling #764, Jordan P.256/6


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