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Ref.nummer: BOW0001
Prijs BTW in: 495,00 Euro


J. E. Middleton & Sons, Rockingham Street, Sheffield stamped on the ricasso. This is an impressive, original, large hand made Bowie Knife made in Sheffield around 1950 by the now deceased J.E. Middleton & his sons Ron & Roy Middleton . They were known for their wide range of high quality bowie knives which are now much sought after. The company is no longer in production. The knife has a pristine 10-1/4" long deep swept Bowie blade with clip point blade over 1/4" thick, featuring a "Spanish notch" and sharpened false edge and is a broad 2" at its widest edge. It measures measures 14-3/4" overall. The hilt has thick polished horn scales secured by steel pins. Excellent condition. (NOTE! It is not always easy to photograph blades of knives due to reflection etc. Our description is as accurate as possible. Should you have any questions about condition, send us a mail.)


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