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Ref.nummer: LEAT0116
Prijs BTW in: 265,00


Early H. H. Heiser model #410 Double Loop Right Side Holster. The Herman H. Heiser Saddlery was established in 1856, incorporated in 1916 and remained in business until 1955. To describe the quality of Heiser leather would be very difficult but this sentence says it all; "No Man Ever Lived Long Enough to Wear Out a Heiser Holster"!! This is a gorgeous model #410 Double Loop Side Holster and is properly marked with the H. H. Heiser Denver Colo. in an oval maker's mark logo which would date this holster from 1919 through 1955. It has no safety strap as did many Heiser holsters have, giving it the feel and appearance of an early frontier holster. This holster takes a 7 1/2" barreled Colt S.A.A. perfectly. No loose stitching, no scratches, jand a beautiful patina. The condition is excellent!!


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