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Ref.nummer: 1-848
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U.S. Model 1836 Flintlock Pistol converted to Percussion. 54 Caliber, smoothbore. 8 1/2"inch round barrel, brass blade front sight, oval shaped rear sight on barrel tang. Swivel type steel ramrod with button shaped head. All mountings of iron. Manufactured by A. Waters Milbury, Mass. dated 1843. Eagle, makers name and date are only partly visible but present and correct. The stock is very fine and has two inspector’s cartouches "J.H" (Joseph Hannis) and "WAJ" (WIlliam A. Thornton) plainly visible. The barrel has a US/P markings indicating military acceptance & Proofed and is also stamped "NWP" (Nathan W. Patrick) Inspector of military contract arms. There are also several Inspector's initials on various parts of the gun. This was the last US martial pistol with a flintlock ignition system produced for contract with the US government. It was standard issue for the Mexican War 1846-1848 and many were converted to percussion for use during the American Civil War. Perfect mechanism and a fine bore. Estimated quantity made about 20;000. Gun is in very fine condition!


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