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Ref.nummer: 2-1030
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Rifle #126XXX. Cal 32-20 WCF. Third Model. Special 26" Octagonal Barrel (Special lenghts, such as 26 inches are rare in all models. Few gun buyers were so particular that they would order special barrel lengths, especially a barrel only two inches longer than standard! - Ref. WInchester book p.113). About 65% original blue on barrel and magazine, 60% on frame. Buttplate is brown, There is no trap-door provision in the buttplate which is correct, none in cal;22 or 32 did!. Nice traces of colour case on hammer and lever. Has a Globe Beach Combination Front sight (looks like globe ring was originally guilded!), an early rare Lyman "Thick Base" patent Jan;28, 1879 tang sight and a factory rear sight blank. Gun was made in 1883. Total production of 720.609 Model 1873 's. (109.558 in Cal. 32-20 WCF!!) The 32-20 cartridge (introduced in 1882!) was a very effective and desirable caliber that soon established itself as one of the best cartridges ever developed for small and medium size game. Gun comes with a Winchester factory letter! Fine + condition. Cartridges shown for information purposes only.


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