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When the Civil War broke out, the newly-formed Confederate States of America needed to create a monetary system to finance the government and the war effort. To raise money to finance its government, the Confederate States of America issued bonds. Confederate States of America War Bond with a value of $1000. This bond was authorized by act of congress On the 20th. of February 1863. The total number of bonds issued were 49.650. This bond is numbered 1154 and was issued on the 2nd. of March 1863. It has an imprint of "G. Wojciechowski" in the lower right with a vignette of the Confederate President Jeff Davis and a view of Richmond, Virginia from the west. It also has seven coupons intact. It has a Government stamp on the backside of the bond in Dutch; "Het Stempel zigtbaar bevonden "Amsterdam 27 Dec.b.r. 1865" plus "HET ALGEMEEN BEURSCOMITE VOOR PUBLIEKE FONDSEN"..Some traces of usage and a few tears which do not affect the quality of the image. Overall excellent condition.


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